WHY Reliable Taxis Tunbridge Wells?

At Reliable Taxis Tunbridge Wells, we think of Safety first for our customers in everything we do, our team and our customers are our greatest assets. We value them, protect them, take care of them and reduce the risk they face. As our customer, no matter where you are; in the office, on the road, or in hotels.


Seaport Transfers Tunbridge Wells Favourite Taxi Company

  • Large amounts of Luggage
    Our vehicles are estate cars and normally carry four passengers and their luggage in comfort. However, passengers for cruise vessel's often have large amounts of luggage. As a guide line we can usually accommodate one large suitcase per passenger plus a small amount of hand luggage. If you are going to exceed this limit we would suggest that you book a larger vehicle. It is far better to be on the safe side, as additional vehicles may not be available at short notice if we cannot accommodate all your luggage. Also bear in mind that you will be returning with more than you left with. We have 4 to 33 passenger vehicles available for bookings.
  • Pick-up from Airports
    If you are flying into the UK to join your vessel we will meet you at the arrivals gate, bearing a sign with your name. It can be very busy in the arrivals hall and difficult to make contact. Please ensure you have our telephone with you.
  • Pick-up from Cruise Terminal
    If you are being met at the cruise terminal to return to the airport, bear in mind that a 2 hour check in is required and the journey times can be greatly prolonged during rush hours.
  • Other Details
    All other details will be given in return emails after booking. We pride ourselves on giving you value for money but due to the cost of international calls we cannot contact you, but of course you are free to telephone us.

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